We recognize our responsibility to the well being and betterment of our community and contribute time, money and services to many local, regional and national charities. We are especially proud of three ongoing efforts that are changing lives.

JT Walk & Beach Party

Josh Thompson, an avid surfer from Virginia Beach, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS® or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Rather than becoming frustrated and bitter, Josh and his family along with the Gold Key | PHR Hotels and Resorts family, The Virginia Gentlemen and thousands of others, mobilized to support the search for treatments and a cure. They partnered with the ALS Association in the local Walk to Defeat ALS®, staging the largest single day walk and fundraiser for ALS in history. In just 3 years, the JTWalk has raised more than $6 million for stem cell research for neurological disorders, ALS® patient services and JT’s Grommet Island Park.

JT’s Grommet Island Beach Park & Playground For Everybody

When the Thompson family went to the beach, Josh had to stay behind because wheelchairs are not made for beaches. Thus was born the idea of a 100% accessible park for the disabled and their families. Our CEO Bruce Thompson, Josh's dad, took the idea to the City of Virginia Beach where it gained quick support. The JT Walk teamed with the ALS Association, the Gold Key | PHR extended family, the Virginia Gentlemen and thousands of fellow citizens and raised the funds to build and maintain the park for use by residents and thousands of beach visitors. The park was officially opened by the Governor of Virginia on May 22, 2010. Learn more at: www.grommetisland.org.

JT’S Camp Grom

This is the newest charitable venture by Gold Key | PHR Hotels and Resorts and its charity partners. It’s a 20-acre $15 million adventure park for the disabled and those injured and disabled in combat while defending our nation. Support is being received from throughout the nation, with opening projected for 2014. When complete, JT's Camp Grom is expected to serve thousands of camp visitors a year.